• On any given day of the week at the order of 500 UAH - a bottle of plum wine

    As a gift!!!

    EACH new customer



    On Mondays - 20% discount - up to 4pm and from 4pm to midnight - 10% discount.

    Tuesdays - drinks for free to choose from Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Pepsi in 1L

    On Wednesdays - each client a liter of juice as a gift to your order!

    Thursdays - a gift to the order of salad "Chuck" with peanut sauce.

    If you have any questions about the action please contact the operators


    Call us - you will not be disappointed!

    As they say in the Land of the Rising Sun, "Dojo, on-mesiagarinasay!", Which in our language it sounds:
    "Bon Appetit!"

    We work every day from 11:00am to 11:00pm

    Free delivery in the following areas:

    Svyatoshinsky, Podolsky, Solomensky, Shevchenko, Caves - from 110gr.

    Obolonskiy, Goloseevsky - from 150gr.

    Desnyanskiy, Dnieper - from 200 g.

    Darnytskyi - from 250g.

    When ordering outside of Kiev check with the operator

    Sushi delivery from online restaurant Sushieshka in Kiev

    Delivery service of sushi and Japanese kitchen "Sushieshka" welcomes you on the Kiev’s site of food delivery in Kiev. Our couriers will be happy to bring you a brand Japanese delicatessen from chefs of Sushieshki as soon as possible after completing the order. Orders are delivered by districts of Kiev: Svyatoshin (Svyatoshinsky district), Podol (Podolsk district) Solomensky (Solomenskyi district), Shevchenko (Shevchenko district), Pechersk (Pechersk District), Obolon (Obolonsky district) Goloseevo (Goloseevskyi district), District Desnyanskiy , Darnitsa (Darnytskyi district), Dnieper area, Troyeshchina, left bank and right bank, as well as outside the city of Kiev.

    Ordering sushi in Kiev

    You did the right thing, determined to feel the magnificent flavour of Japan and taste the meals prepared with strict observance of traditional Japanese recipes and national regulations. You Caught the right place - online sushi restaurant Sushieshka! Gourmets will appreciate the great variety of world-famous and popular Japanese delicatessen, as well as a variety of surprises, actions Sushieshkoy prepared specifically for your favorite clients sushilovers in Kiev. Our menu offers huge portions: Sashimi, Temaki, Gunkan, nigiri, hot rolls, classic rolls, as well as salads, soups, kebabs, sets of made dish and hot meals. And all this is complete refreshments from soda to ice beer, perfect for sushi. Sushi in Kiev are still considered an exotic dish, but which are bought for long time ago at house as lunch or dinner. For some, the rolls are the fashion and style, and for some - it is a dish that has become a daily. So nice to sit with friends or a loved one, take a stick and eat different food, by unusual for us tableware. The only thing needed is to pick up the phone and call to our delivery of excellent Sushi. After you place an order it will not take long and you can appreciate the talent of our chefs

    What are the advantages of Sushi delivery for you home in Kiev? First, we offer the best and freshest ingredients for sushi. Second, all of our leading chefs trained in Japan and regularly exchange experiences with colleagues from Odessa, Third: Sushi delivery in Kiev, is carried out by us free of charge and very quickly whether it's a family holiday, birthday, corporate, or a romantic dinner. We are working in the field of cooking for many years and our main mission - to please people and their stomachs. High-quality meals make be a few, and People of Kiev worthy of the highest quality!

    We look forward to your orders, dear friends from Kiev!